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Aloha!! Welcome to Moped Luau!! A blog devoted to two-stroke mopeds and scooters. On da menu: Puch mopeds with side order Hondas, Vespas, Yamahas, and whatevah else. We go get some grindz and start feeding our two-stroke appetites.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting Close To Complete: Puch Pinto No. 5

Finally pulled the trigger and ordered my electrical system for my Pinto Project.  Decided to go with the trusty PowerDynamo 70w system for this build.  I ran this exact set up when I was blasting all over Japan.

Went into "crack mode" wiring it up.  Had to make sure it was super clean since this frame is really exposed.  Managed to hide everything right.

Double wrapped wiring so no color other than black shows
Close up
Round key switch, regulator, and the coil
Spark plug wire to spark plug
Close up
Cheap round key kill switch
Fits perfectly in the frame's hole.  Found the perfect size plastic insert at City Mill to make up the space.


Down to my last 200 bucks in parts.  I need pegs, headlight, speedometer, backlight, and a rear fender (? maybe).  Stay tuned...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hawaii Five-O Puch Maxi

Finally got a chance to ride my Hawaii Five-O Puch Maxi.  This old school Autisa kit really packs a punch.  No wonder it was able to haul that F@t A$$ of a guy around with a head leak!!


** CAUTION:  DO NOT look directly into the half moon **

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Puch Red Racer Maxi

Short ride with my Hawaiian style old school cafe racer.  It's all stock parts but modified.  Full build here.  Enjoy the sounds of the gears shifting...

**  Caution:  Crotch shot may cause blindness.  Watch At Your Own Risk!! **

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Puch Green Machine Maxi

Short video of my cousins Green Machine Maxi prior to installing his new 1977 clutch:

Here is the sound of the new clutch:

Puch Rat Rod Maxi

Its been a long time since I had time to take one of my Puchs out for a spin. Took my Puch Rat Rod Maxi for a short ride around the block. Kept it at 1/4 to 3/4 throttle most of the time. Just don't have the B@LL$ to hold it at WOT anymore. Maybe this bike should belong to a person who can test its upper limits because it has a ton of top end just waiting to be had.  For Sale?...Maybe...Enjoy...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unreal Pinto Project Update

Here's another project that suffering from the lack of funds and time. My cousin's Pinto build is coming a long at a snail's pace. But at least the motor is done!! This motor has all the works. It's Just Another Puch E50 Dio Polini kickstart edition!! Check it out:
Case polished by hand and buffing wheel
First time putting a kickstart mechanism back together
Stuffed roller bearing crank
New seals. New bearings. Stock main gear

Halves together

HK Racing Clutch courtesy of Push Shop

Dio Polini assembly

Piston on roller bearing end

Dio intake with Motomatic adapter.  I modified the adapter for a better fit.

Left the voids this time.  Opened up the intake ports.

Got to fix the exhaust gasket.

Mock up with a TM24 carb
You down?

With the sickness

Stainless Allen screw set.

More Pr0n

O face!!
Almost done!!
Next up: HPI Electricals and 13-15 front gear. Stay tuned...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Puch No. 5 Updates - Pinto Project

Here are some updates on my Puch No. 5 - Pinto Project. This project has been slow going because I constantly find myself either with a lack of funds or time. In any case its getting there:

Side view 1

Side view 2

Not sure where I left off on the updates but I managed to scrounge up some funds to get a Mikuni TM24 carb. Also, secured the pipe down and ran all the cables. Needed to custom the rear brake cable because my Schwinn ape hanger like handle bars was too high.



Up left is the pegs, electricals, headlight, and speedometer. Then done. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hawaii Moped Registration

Went to the dreaded DMV to get a duplicate registration for one of my bikes.   Picked up the Moped/Bycycle form. In case you didn't know, I think #3 pertain to us. Will need to go through this process soon with my Pinto project. What I heard from Minnow Motorworks is for old bikes you need to actually bring the bike to Kapahulu under the freeway, where they do Recon permits for cars. It doesn't have to run. The thing they look for are that it needs to have the pedals on if the original stock version of your bike came with pedals and that it look stock. So no oversize carbs. You don't have to start it. Just need to look original stock. 

Happy Tuning

Monday, May 11, 2015

Random Updates

Some random stuff I shared over on Instagram recently. Follow me at #mopedluau

ZA50 clutches for my Puch No. 5 project

Got my extra set of ZA50 clutches and replaced the springs and links similar to what I did here:

ZA50 Power
Started the tear down on my cousin's Pinto. Next stage is paint.

I need a new coat
Frame is so minimal

Parts from Puchhop.de in Neatherlands

In the meantime, ordering parts like crazy for my cousin's build. Couldn't pass up the strong dollar and week euro. On top of that a 10% discount Easter sale!! Got new black powder coated stars, 260mm shocks, and a HK racing clutch!!

Dutchland express
Oh Yeah!!
Work done by mopedcrankworks.com

Sent my crank and case to mopedcrankworks to get my Top Racing roller bearing con-rod and bearing races pressed in. This is the second crank Chris did for me and it turned out well as usually. Pretty spot on tolerance work. I highly recommend his services. This is going into my Gila ZA50 Puch No.5 build. Stay tuned for whats to come...

Roll out...
New bearing action!!

Brooks Seat

Ordered a Brooks Seat for my Puch No. 5 builds. The brown leather seat action compliments the leather I bought for handle grips. But these seats are expensive. I might have to chain the seat to my bike!!

Straight from England
B66 Honey baby!!
Honey seat..Honey grips..
Sweet..but not too sweet...

Match porting ZA50 Gila after all these years

Finally got a chance to do my ZA50 Gila right. I've been running this motor with very minimal match porting for years. All I did was port the transfers as big as I could go without compromising the sealing surface on the sides and honed the case to accept the cylinder and piston. That's it!! And I've been blasting around Hawaii and Japan with this set up with no incidents. I finally was able to Alumiweld the sides to add material so I could truly match the sizes of the transfer ports.

Let the port pr0n begin
Oh yeah...
almost there...
..and the money shot!!!
Ghetto machining

I kind of F-ed up the sealing surface of my case when I added weld. Found a ghetto style from a pretty ghetto dude on Youtube on how to take down high spots without a machine. Surprisingly it work. I got ghetto love...


Follow me on Instagram #mopedluau or stay tuned for more up dates.

Happy Tuning...