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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Random Updates

Some random stuff I shared over on Instagram recently. Follow me at #mopedluau

ZA50 clutches for my Puch No. 5 project

Got my extra set of ZA50 clutches and replaced the springs and links similar to what I did here:

ZA50 Power
Started the tear down on my cousin's Pinto. Next stage is paint.

I need a new coat
Frame is so minimal

Parts from Puchhop.de in Neatherlands

In the meantime, ordering parts like crazy for my cousin's build. Couldn't pass up the strong dollar and week euro. On top of that a 10% discount Easter sale!! Got new black powder coated stars, 260mm shocks, and a HK racing clutch!!

Dutchland express
Oh Yeah!!
Work done by mopedcrankworks.com

Sent my crank and case to mopedcrankworks to get my Top Racing roller bearing con-rod and bearing races pressed in. This is the second crank Chris did for me and it turned out well as usually. Pretty spot on tolerance work. I highly recommend his services. This is going into my Gila ZA50 Puch No.5 build. Stay tuned for whats to come...

Roll out...
New bearing action!!

Brooks Seat

Ordered a Brooks Seat for my Puch No. 5 builds. The brown leather seat action compliments the leather I bought for handle grips. But these seats are expensive. I might have to chain the seat to my bike!!

Straight from England
B66 Honey baby!!
Honey seat..Honey grips..
Sweet..but not too sweet...

Match porting ZA50 Gila after all these years

Finally got a chance to do my ZA50 Gila right. I've been running this motor with very minimal match porting for years. All I did was port the transfers as big as I could go without compromising the sealing surface on the sides and honed the case to accept the cylinder and piston. That's it!! And I've been blasting around Hawaii and Japan with this set up with no incidents. I finally was able to Alumiweld the sides to add material so I could truly match the sizes of the transfer ports.

Let the port pr0n begin
Oh yeah...
almost there...
..and the money shot!!!
Ghetto machining

I kind of F-ed up the sealing surface of my case when I added weld. Found a ghetto style from a pretty ghetto dude on Youtube on how to take down high spots without a machine. Surprisingly it work. I got ghetto love...


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Happy Tuning...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Unreal Pinto

Working on my cousin's kick start E50 for his Sprinter Pinto.

My first time working on a kick start version of a E50:

The tear down
Pulled the clutch
Just Another Polini E50:

Installing the run of the mill Polini Kit on this build. Therefore, pressed in some aluminum "stud spacers" for better case matching.

Let the porting process begin:

Familiar gasket mark-ups

Let the metal fly!!
Case split
Basic match porting. Nothing too crazy.  Not aiming for top end since its mainly gonna be used as a sprinter.  Kept the transfers fairly shallow.

Just enough to match

Don't forget the boost ports

Finish product

Ready for the crank

Just another Dio Polini:

My cousin had a chance to ride my first E50 Dio Polini build and was impressed. Naturally he wanted to go the same route. I again used a Motomatic adaptor. I match ported the adaptor to the manifold and the cylinder like I did before. The only difference this time I decided not to fill the void with JB weld. I wanna see if it makes a difference.

Honda Power

Motomatic adaptor
Match and cut

Fuel path

Did the typical work to the cylinder (chamfering, cleaning, polishing, etc). Ported out the intake a bit. Nothing too drastic.

More fuel
I went with the low compression 50cc head for this one:

Down the barrel
All port work done and ready for reassembly:

It's a go

Mock up

A personal commentary:
From my experiences with Polini kits on both E50s and ZA50s, I feel that there is little that you can do to screw up or impove this kit. Whether you port and polish it or not, case match it or not, run large carbs or not, aftermarket pipe or not, this kit just out of the box will automatically kick a$$. The only think you have to manage is not blowing it up. I think a lot of people take a little too much credit on what they said they did to this kit that made their polinis "fast" where majority of the credit should be on the polini kit itself. I remember a guy on his blog claiming to have the fastest Puch cause he had all these so called secrets he did to his E50 and Polini kit. He clocked in at 55 mph I think. YOU COULD HIT 55 WITH A POLINI OUT OF THE BOX!!  RIDICULOUS!! Unless you drastically change the port timing, compression, etc, and breaking 60 mph to 70 mph, then you deserve credit. Other than that, we should all thank Polini for putting out a kick ass kit for our Puchs to enjoy.

Happy Tuning!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Honda Elite to DJ-1RR Headlight Conversion

Took on the challenge to finally convert my 1987 Honda Elite headlight to the DJ-1RR set I picked up in Japan.

Boring stock headlight
The set I originally picked up was a DJ-1R version headlight set. I really wasn't into the look.

Looked kind of fat headish
For Sale...

So I bought the much cooler DJ-1RR double headlights instead!! This sucker was a pretty rare find.

Double headlights. Clear blinkers
The butchering process. It was kind of a pain to get this on. I changed out the 87 handlebar for the ZX handlebar that my disc brake and fork came with. I modified the handlebar to make the headset fit. I hacked the headset a bit to make it fit. Wasn't pleasant but all worth it at the end.

What a mess
Initial mock-up
I wanted to keep the 87 speedo dash instead of the DJ-1R dash. I felt it was easier to convert it that way. No I got a DJ-1R dash for sale..
For Sale
I'll sale this too!!

Final results:

Finally done!!
Almost done

I had this conversion in mind ever since I bought this bike almost 20 years ago. I can't believe I finally completed this conversion. This bike is almost done. Just a ZX back rim and wing to install and I can finally close the book on this project!!

Stay tuned...