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Aloha!! Welcome to Moped Luau!! A blog devoted to two-stroke mopeds and scooters. On da menu: Puch mopeds with side order Hondas, Vespas, Yamahas, and whatevah else. We go get some grindz and start feeding our two-stroke appetites.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quick Tip: Trail Tech Temp Gauge Plug Mod

If your like me and is obsessed with clean wiring then this tip is for you. If you running a Trail Tech Temp Gauge on your bike, that white plug that connects the display unit to the heat sensor can be bulking when your trying to hide the wires.

Here's a quick how-to for cleaning up the bulk. It requires no soldering which could damage the sensor wiring:

1)  Disassemble the plug leaving the pins attached.
2)  Reconnect the corresponding pins and heat shrink them into place.

3) Then add one more heat shrink tube for final secure

So simple and so clean.

Happy Tuning!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Latest Puch No. 5 Updates: Almost There!!

Left off on this build installing the new Powerdynamo ignition unit.

Next up: Foot pegs

This is where moped purest will cringe that I'm installing foot pegs instead of pedals. I guess I'm not a purest in that sense since only one of my Puch's have pedals on them. The Hawaiian style to Puch building always was eliminated pedals off the bikes.

I opted for some generic "tombstone" foot pegs from Ebay:

Open the coffin.
"Tombstone" pegs installed.
Not a moped anymore?
Next up:  Headlight / Speedometer combo

Went with the chrome version of the CEV bullet headlight. This came off a 1970's Zundapp bike. It's a new old stock vintage part. Cost an arm and a leg too!! Unfortunately when I started it up I blew the headlight immediately. I later discovered that the bulb was only 6V. Now I got to spend another 20 bucks to replace this thing to a non-sealed beam 12V type headlight.  Money comes, money goes:

Shine on me
Shine on you
Chrome monster

View from the cockpit
View from well you can see...
Is this my good side?
Installed the speedometer cable. Had to do quite a bit of modifications to the cable in order to make it work. I cut about half the length off the original and shaved down half the thickness off the inner cable on the speedometer side. I laid some solder on the end in order to be able to shave down the thickness into a square.

Here is the results:

I need to re route the cable for a more cleaner look
Closer please!!
Now the back light. Got a cheap but cool looking bicycle light from ebay. Kind of smaller than I expected but it works. Didn't hook up the brake light to this yet. Need to figure out how to get a switch to work with that blasted Lusito levers.

Small but effected with LEDs
Perfect fit
One side
Other side
View with both headlight and tail light
Last on the agenda are for some fenders:

Mock up

Stay Tuned!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting Close To Complete: Puch Pinto No. 5

Finally pulled the trigger and ordered my electrical system for my Pinto Project.  Decided to go with the trusty PowerDynamo 70w system for this build.  I ran this exact set up when I was blasting all over Japan.

Went into "crack mode" wiring it up.  Had to make sure it was super clean since this frame is really exposed.  Managed to hide everything right.

Double wrapped wiring so no color other than black shows
Close up
Round key switch, regulator, and the coil
Spark plug wire to spark plug
Close up
Cheap round key kill switch
Fits perfectly in the frame's hole.  Found the perfect size plastic insert at City Mill to make up the space.


Down to my last 200 bucks in parts.  I need pegs, headlight, speedometer, backlight, and a rear fender (? maybe).  Stay tuned...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hawaii Five-O Puch Maxi

Finally got a chance to ride my Hawaii Five-O Puch Maxi.  This old school Autisa kit really packs a punch.  No wonder it was able to haul that F@t A$$ of a guy around with a head leak!!


** CAUTION:  DO NOT look directly into the half moon **

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Puch Red Racer Maxi

Short ride with my Hawaiian style old school cafe racer.  It's all stock parts but modified.  Full build here.  Enjoy the sounds of the gears shifting...

**  Caution:  Crotch shot may cause blindness.  Watch At Your Own Risk!! **

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Puch Green Machine Maxi

Short video of my cousins Green Machine Maxi prior to installing his new 1977 clutch:

Here is the sound of the new clutch:

Puch Rat Rod Maxi

Its been a long time since I had time to take one of my Puchs out for a spin. Took my Puch Rat Rod Maxi for a short ride around the block. Kept it at 1/4 to 3/4 throttle most of the time. Just don't have the B@LL$ to hold it at WOT anymore. Maybe this bike should belong to a person who can test its upper limits because it has a ton of top end just waiting to be had.  For Sale?...Maybe...Enjoy...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unreal Pinto Project Update

Here's another project that suffering from the lack of funds and time. My cousin's Pinto build is coming a long at a snail's pace. But at least the motor is done!! This motor has all the works. It's Just Another Puch E50 Dio Polini kickstart edition!! Check it out:
Case polished by hand and buffing wheel
First time putting a kickstart mechanism back together
Stuffed roller bearing crank
New seals. New bearings. Stock main gear

Halves together

HK Racing Clutch courtesy of Push Shop

Dio Polini assembly

Piston on roller bearing end

Dio intake with Motomatic adapter.  I modified the adapter for a better fit.

Left the voids this time.  Opened up the intake ports.

Got to fix the exhaust gasket.

Mock up with a TM24 carb
You down?

With the sickness

Stainless Allen screw set.

More Pr0n

O face!!
Almost done!!
Next up: HPI Electricals and 13-15 front gear. Stay tuned...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Puch No. 5 Updates - Pinto Project

Here are some updates on my Puch No. 5 - Pinto Project. This project has been slow going because I constantly find myself either with a lack of funds or time. In any case its getting there:

Side view 1

Side view 2

Not sure where I left off on the updates but I managed to scrounge up some funds to get a Mikuni TM24 carb. Also, secured the pipe down and ran all the cables. Needed to custom the rear brake cable because my Schwinn ape hanger like handle bars was too high.



Up left is the pegs, electricals, headlight, and speedometer. Then done. Stay tuned...